TERO x SABUY Launches a new JV, “TERO SUBUY” Combining the strengths of media & entertainment with technology

TERO x SABUY Launches a new JV, “TERO SUBUY” Combining the strengths of media & entertainment with technology

Businesses continue to develop and in the case of Tero Entertainment and Sabuy Technology that means a brand new joint venture partnership with TERO SABUY joining forces to bring the best of media and entertainment and technology together.

Mr. Brian Marcar, Managing Director of Tero Entertainment Public Co. Ltd. revealed,   “The collaboration will bring Tero’s extensive media profile and experience in the entertainment business to another level. TERO SABUY will create advertising that is stronger and more far-reaching than ever before. With Tero’s media and advertising power, through TV content, radio stations, live events, artists, digital media and entertainment commerce now combined with the point-of-sale advertising power of vending machines, online top-up machines and other channels through Sabuy, the ability to reach target groups is more comprehensive than ever, which will result in greater benefits and value for advertisers.”

Mr. Chookiat Rujanapornpaje, Chief Executive Officer of Sabuy Technology Public Co. Ltd., said, “This collaboration perfectly fuses the strength of digital media and marketing from Tero with the technology and payment platform of Sabuy. It’s an opportunity to expand the reach of the products and services under the Sabuy group, including Shipsmile, Plus Express, as well as for Sabuy’s partners. The introduction of vending machines and food court systems that support all payment types is a response to the growing trend towards a cashless society and various types of e-payment. Combined with the media and sponsorship packages from Tero, this is a true synergy that works for both parties and their customer bases which will create a positive experience for consumers when using our customer experiential marketing, and create a more efficient loyalty programme. Our main goal is to provide the customers of both organizations greater benefit and convenience.”

This co-operation will also include management of cartoon character copyright and artists within the Tero stable creating limited edition beverages, an area that Sabuy has already begun to develop with its more than 40 designs for Doraemon licensed drinking water, distributed through vending machines across the country. The management of these copyrights includes brand ambassadorships for artists along with media and sponsorship deals for the products covering mass and point-of-sale media.

Products will be distributed via the Sabuy group’s distribution channels which include vending machines located in 21 provinces across the country and in leading department stores. Private postal service partner outlets will also be used as showrooms and points of sale and pick up/delivery points for copyrighted products ordered via the e-commerce channels of both companies

For more information on Tero Sabuy’s advertising and media services, please contact  Dr.Choakchai Eaimrittikrai (kim@teroasia.com) or Facebook fanpage : TERO Digital or get more information at www.teroasia.com and www.sabuytech.com