Business Ethics

Business Ethics



Business Ethics

The Company and its subsidiaries have considered and valued Business Ethics. The Company is committed to transparency in operation by making it an important part in driving the culture of the Company and subsidiaries within the group and building the credibility and honesty for all stakeholders. The Board of Directors is responsible to establish the policy and business ethics for employees, the Board of Directors and all executive directors to be upheld as a way of conducting oneself within and outside organization to promote the growth of business and all employees in an efficient and transparent way to achieve predetermined goals, corresponding with the vision, attitude, and objectives of the Company by adhering to the following principles:

1. Fair and transparent business operations.

2. Strict compliance with laws and regulations.

3. Non-disclosure of internal information to outsiders.

4. Social and environment development of the Company and its subsidiaries must be sustainable.

5. Respect for human rights and equal treatment of employees.

6. Treatment of business partners.

7. Treatment of trade or contract partners.

8. Not accepting or giving valuable assets that may benefit both the giver and the receiver.

9. Responsibility to consumers or service before and after sales.

The Board of Directors have arranged for the preparation and distribution of guidelines to enhance theunderstanding of the business ethics to employees in the Company and subsidiaries for them to see the importance of such matters. Every year, there will be a review of corporate governance policy and code of conduct to make them most comprehensive and effective.