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SABUY Solutions & Platforms mainly focus on the best systems for retail stores and food centers.

Our services cover stock arrangement, cost calculation and logistics management. We also offer Cloud Platform that practically answers to modern business needs.


SBS (managed by SABUY Solutions)
This service helps clients manage and maintain food centers in department stores, factories, offices, etc. This includes POS systems in restaurants and retail shops. Our systems support e-Wallet by connecting to SABUY Money.

SABUY As A Solution (managed by SABUY Solutions)
SABUY As A Solution can provide to shops and organizations a specific program development available on Cloud and easy to be reached. The platform can be customized according to the client’s business needs.

Postal & Drop-off Service (managed by SABUY Solutions)
SABUY’s Postal & Drop-off services are run by ShipSmile and other partners in our business ecosystem, including Plus Express, Shippop, The Letter Post and Point Express.


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