Corruption Report

Corruption Report


Actions Against Corruption

The Company and companies in the Group is aware of and adhered to ethical business operation and has the responsibility to social and all groups of stakeholders in accordance with the principles of Corporate Governance Code and the business ethics of the Group, as a support to the sustainable growth of the Company. Therefore, the Board of Directors of the Group has established an anti-corruption policy whereby the executives and employees will not demand, take action, or accept corruptions in any form, in any case whether directly or indirectly, for the benefit of oneself, friends, and acquaintances, covering the business of the Group and all related departments. In addition, the Group has also established guidelines and roles and responsibilities as well as arranging for regular review the implementation of this Anti-Corruption Policy to comply with changes in business, rules, regulations, and relevant laws.


Duties and Responsibilities:

1. The Board of Directors of the Group has the duties and responsibilities in formulating the governing policies to have an effective anti-corruption system and following up on the implementation to ensure that the management recognizes the importance of anti-corruption and instills these values into the corporate culture and that the Group achieves the objectives in accordance with the Anti-Corruption policy.

2. The Executive Committee has the duties to review the policy to be in compliance with the change of business, rules, regulations, and relevant laws and approve the amendment to propose to the Board of Directors for approval as well as provide opinions and useful advice in making work plans and implementation of measures.

3. The Audit Committee has the duties and responsibilities in reviewing financial and accounting reporting systems, internal control systems, and other processes related to the Anti-Corruption policies to ensure that the operations of various departments are efficient, legitimate, and in compliance with the procedures, international standards and good ethical standards.

4. The Risk Management Committee has the duties to set up the strategies, structures, and resources for risk management as well as assessing, measuring, and monitoring the result of risk management by considering the anti-corruption measures.

5. The management has the duties to implement, communicate, and promote the policies to employees at all levels as well as all related parties for their knowledge and understanding to perform duties without corruption. In addition, the management will also promote and encourage the Group to consider adapting the anti-corruption policy and measure as appropriate, as well as the opinions and recommendations of the Board of Directors of the Group and/or sub-committees to implement, review the suitability of the systems and measures, and report the identified issues to the Board of Directors of the Group and/or sub-committees according to their roles and responsibilities.



The complaints and whistleblowing of corruption are the duties of staffs at all levels of the Company and its subsidiaries. The corruption clues can be submitted anonymously through website and postal channels.

Attention: Chairman of Audit Committee

Address: 230 Bang Khun Thian-Chaithale Road, Samae Dam Subdistrict, Bang Khun Thian District Bangkok 10150

The Group will provide fairness and protection to employees who refuse to commit corruption or report corruption related to the Company’s activities. There will be no demotion, penalty or any negative consequences to any directors, executives and employees although such refusal will cause the Group to lose business opportunities.

The Group will proceed in accordance with the measures to protect the complainants or those who cooperate in reporting corruption in a strict manner as stipulated in the related policies, regulations, and operating manuals of the Group.


Fraud and Corruption Whistleblower Form

Corruption Form (EN)