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SABUY Merchandising business develops products and services for 2 essential objectives.

The first objective is to create new channels of product distribution and the second one is to spread an easy accessibility for every kind of consumer.


Vending Plus (managed by Vending Plus)
SABUY’s vending machine branded as “Vending Plus” serves an easy accessibility for many consumable products, such as beverages, snacks, instant food, as well as electronic devices. We have also developed “Plus oil” as a self-serving fuel station, and “SABUY Wash” as a self-serving washing machine.

SABUY Market (managed by SABUY TECH)
SABUY Market is an e-Commerce platform for both B2B and B2C business, operates a supply chain management business, including creating its own marketplace and online channel (e-Commerce) to bring products from various manufacturers to be sold in such channels. Products include groceries, foods, snacks, electrical appliances, fashion & accessories, and many more.
Our customers and suppliers can enjoy easy, efficient, and safe payment system through SABUY Ecosystem. Moreover, SABUY is a partner with major e-Marketplace for supporting growth of Thailand e-Commerce market.

SABUY Foodplus (managed by SABUY Market)
SABUY collaborates with Foodville to inaugurate One-Stop-Service platform for food and ingredient supplies. Restaurants and Households can get a convenient service through SABUY Ecosystem.


For more information about joining as our partner in Merchandising businesses, please contact
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