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SABUY aims to provide the most convenient financial service for Thai people.

Our services can answer to a wide range of Thai lifestyles and are meant to be an easily accessible facility in all communities.


Top-up machine “Termsabuyplus” (managed by SABUY TECH)
“Termsabuyplus” enables customers and communities to access basic financial services, such as top-up for mobile, bill payment, financial transaction and NDID (National Digital ID).

SABUY Exchange (managed by SABUY Exchange)
SABUY Exchange was created specifically for our actual customers as a loyalty program. This allows members to collect points from every single service operated in the SABUY Ecosystem. Functioning as payment, the amount of points can be redeemed into valuable products.

SABUY Money (managed by SABUY Money)
SABUY Money is a very practical payment platform perfectly invented for cashless society. SABUY Money enables customers to decently connect with our partners, including commercial banks, mobile networks, national and international e-Money services, etc.
Besides, SABUY Money offers White Label e-Wallet that guarantees transaction and NDID with high security. Recognized as one of the loyalty programs, this platform could drive more engagements among SABUY Ecosystem.


For more information about joining as our partner in Payments businesses, please contact
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