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Financial Services

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SABUY Financial Services are exclusively developed for business growth of partners and clients in SABUY Ecosystem.

This group of businesses covers lending and financing services as well as insurance, which are easy to be reached and practical for different needs.


SABUY Capital (managed by SABUY Capital)
SABUY’s lending and financing services help our partners and SMEs in SABUY Ecosystem expand their business. SABUY Capital opens to current customers in SABUY payment, POS system, food court management, and vendors in SABUY Marketplace; moreover in the future we are looking forword to outstretching toward individual clients.

SABUY maxi (managed by SABUY maxi)
SABUY maxi is an insurance brokerage available in many service points related to SABUY Ecosystem, including ShipSmile branches, drop off locations and personal agents. Our business cover a variety of insurances: compulsory motor, automobile, accident, travel, health, conflagration, logistics, etc.


For more information about joining as our partner in Financial Services businesses, please contact
02-009-0500 or