SABUY reveals “Business Strategy’ 2022” “SABUYVERSE The Next Visionary” 7 Conveniences 7 SMARTs via 7 ‘Rising Stars Strategy’

Sabuyverse The Next Visionary

SABUY reveals “Business Strategy’ 2022” “SABUYVERSE The Next Visionary” 7 Conveniences 7 SMARTs via 7 ‘Rising Stars Strategy’

SABUY reveals its 2022 Business Plan under “SABUYVERSE The Next Visionary” Event. Firm plans to Build SABUYVERSE ecosystem covering 7 Conveniences and 7 Smarts via 7 Rising Stars Strategy.  SABUY sets Target of 100% Revenue Increase with over 5,000 Million Baht Investment Budget.

Mr. Chookiat Rujanapornpaje, SABUY Technology Plc.’s Chief Executive Officer reveals about its SABUYVERSE Strategy.

“ Throughout the past year- 2021, SABUY has built and expanded its business empre under 4 Core Business: 1. Payment 2. Merchandising 3. Solutions and 4. Financial Services which are the main Jigsaws that enable SABUY to create good experiences for people. We aim to help people easily access  and use Technology. Importantly, people can make a living by using SABUY Technology.  Therefore, this year, we plan to convert SABUY Ecosystem into SABUYVERSE, a SABUY-styled Universe with 7 Conveniences and 7 SMARTS, covering Daily Life and Business Life.

7 Conveninces: Make Life convenient from Getting up to Going to bed with SABUY services:

  • Shop  via various Retail Platform such as Vending Machines, Gasoline Siponser,  SABUY Convenience stores in the neighborhood
  • Send parcels to over SABUY’s 6 Branded Drop-off stores with over 10,000 locations and over 20,000 outlets in Partner Networks nationwide
  • Wash at  LaundryBar, Southeast Asia’s leadig Laundry Chain with worldclass standard with 600 shops worldwide. Sabuy Wash Laundry Shop with Target of 1,000 Shops in 2 years with Technology and Service  
  • Use an Operating system for both SME and  Enterprise to use via POS, Food Court Platform Accounting Sales and Channel Management and Human Resource Management 
  • Pay Operating system and channels accepting all types of payments which will include Digital currency in the future
  • Transfer Withdraw Transfer or Deposit money from various financial institutions, from villages to international transactions.
  • Pay bills Accept Utilities Bills, Merchandise and Service payment. Top-up for E-Walletsfor use in SABUY ecosystem

7 SMART We develop Technology to cover

  • SMART Factory For Factory ecosyetem. from Owner to employees, linking welfare, spending, system access and payment
  • SMART Office For Office ecosystem. From Vending Machine, Drink Machine, Food Court and Employee benefits linking office system
  • SMART School For Schools and Universities. Linking Food Courts, Cashless Payment Society, Registration and Tuition Payment. Online Learning and buying school equipments
  • SMART Canteen From Hyper-Market Canteen to Small cantines in schools, factorys linking Payment and Parcel delivery.
  • SMART Parking Parking fee payment via SABUYVERSE through mobile phones and others.
  • SMART Home SABUY and partner systems and application via IOT for payment delivery and appointment.
  • SMART Locker Linking Offline to Online system for payment, drop-off and delivery under SABUYVERSE

Sabuy sets 7 Rising Stars Businesses:

  1. SABUY Digital Digital Asset Investment and Blockchain Technology for SABUYVERSE and Ecosystem expansion
  2. SABUY Accelerator Investment in Innovations to enhance SABUYVERSE ecosystem via SABUY Accelerator
  3. SABUY As A Solutions or SAAS Investment in operating system, management system, Payment,  POS, Sales Management, Accounting Human Resource Management as a One Stop Service for Business Owners
  4. SABUY Speed a Holding Company to combine Drop-off and related businesses under  SABUY and partners for a Spin-off and Big Jump
  5. SABUY Channel Using SABUY Network for all technology such as EV Charger at SABUY’s partners locations
  6. SABUY Media Investment in Media for all partners in SABUYVERSE in both Online and Offline
  7. SABUY Infrastructure Investments in Infrastructure, Cloud System, Applications under SABUY and partners such as Direct Sales Asset Management and Debt Collection.

In addition, SABUY plans to invest in Human Development by opening Sabuy Campus as a çenter to develop SABUY and Partners people. It will support and develop SME owners, our core customers as well as new university graduates to be part of SABUYVERSE. This is our integrated strategy for 2022 with Big Goals to grow the business.” Mr. Chookiat says.  

About SABUY Technology Plc.

With 7 Rising Stars, SABUY will have  5 Core Businesses

1) Payments 

2) Merchandising

3) Solutions

4) Financial Services

5) New Economy Covering Innovation Business and Digital Assets under SABUY Accelerator และ SABUY Digital