“SABUY” shows strong Q1/65 performance, Net Profit growth to 107 million baht.

“SABUY” shows strong Q1/65 performance, Net Profit growth to 107 million baht.

“SABUY” shows strong Q1/65 performance, 219% Net Profit growth to 107-million-baht, – Ready to launch 2 digital coins 2 Locations: Speedkub and FIIT token – Unveiling continuous investment strategies to expand the kingdom of SABUYVERSE.

SABUY Technology Public Company Limited (SABUY) announces results for the first quarter of 2022. Total revenue and profit continue to growwith total revenue of 735 million baht (an increase of 102%) and a net profit of 107 million baht or  219% increase from the same quarter of the previous year. In addition, SABUY plans to launch a new business, “Digital coin,” under SABUY Digital Co., Ltd. to move forward with investments and join alliances to open new businesses to expand the kingdom of SABUYVERSE integrated ecosystem. 

Mr. Narongchai Wongthanavimok, Chief Financial Officer of SABUY Technology Public Company Limited (SABUY), reveals that “The Company is pleased to report the results of Q1/2022 that total revenue of 735 million baht, an increase of 371 million baht or 102% compared to the same period last year. Had a gross profit of 226 million baht, an increase of 33% from the same period of the previous year and had a net profit of 107million baht, a 219% increase or 73 million baht from the same period last year. This result doubles the revenue target increased, while Net Profit exceeds the target by 2 times, according to the statement when opening the SABUYVERSE theme earlier this year.

 “The company can generate income continuously. From the Solutions and Channels business through various drop-offs and the Retail business through PTECH, while increasing management efficiency by controlling costs well from a multi-brand drop-off group merged earlier this year, including The Letter Post, Point Express, PaysPost, and other companies. Join groups like CitiSoft, ForthSABUY, TeroSABUY, PFS, etc.”

Mr. Narongchai added that the company would incorporate the companies that SABUY invested in the group in the Q2/2022, with Advanced Information Technology Public Company Limited (AIT), Metropolitan Capital, CarFinn, O Capital, LockBox, as well as future investment guidelines such as Thiensurat (TSR), Isoftel (iSoftel), SK Management and Supply (SKM). In addition, the company is also in a close alliance with the COM7 group that has acquired shares in SABUY.

From the determination that SABUY has expanded various businesses, Mr. Wirach Morakotkarn, Chief Executive Officer of Commercial and Investment Division, SABUY Technology,  discusses the Sustainability Strategy that the company has operated in parallel with the Growth Strategy to grow significantly. The Company has strengthened both personnel development, adoption of technology and innovation in the work system, workflow improvement, risk management, good corporate governance, and internal audit. All of which will be an essential part. And it will help SABUY to grow stably and sustainably in the future.”  

In addition, Mr. Wirach Morakotkarn, as the Executive Chairman of SABUY Digital Co., Ltd., also discloses the role and growth of SABUY Digital under the ecosystem of SABUY to strengthen the organization in the digital world as well, saying, “SABUY Digital is the provider of Digital Technology service with expertise in Cryptocurrency, NFT, Blockchain Technology, Gamification, and Web 3.0, most recently launching digital coins. Under the concept of “2 Coins 2 Locations” by issuing 2 coins simultaneously, Speedkub or CRM token for convenient business transportation and e-commerce under the SABUY ecosystem and the FIIT token, a community token-based exercise. and activities that promote health by launching both coins in two locations: Money Expo 2022 at Challenger Hall 2-3, Booth E5 and Crypto Expo Thailand 2022 at Bitec Bangna, Booth CM04

“The Speedkub digital coin or CRM token and FIIT token, or community token, are designed to have advertising channels, promote to companies participating in the alliance to display the logo on the speedkub.io fiittoken.io SABUYdigital.com website. And in Speedkub and FIIT token, the FIIT Run logo or banner will also be displayed at the Money Expo 2022 and Crypto Expo 2022 booths. 

“For the event, besides having an Airdrop to give out coins. There are also other activities with the giveaway of additional Speedkub for sending parcels via SABUY Speed. At the same time, the FIIT token will be increased by joining FIIT Run. This game only uses a camera from a mobile phone with technology body movement detection to detect walking (Walk), jogging (Jog) or running (Run) during the game. Reward points will be converted to FIIT token. Both Platform Speedkub or CRM token and FIIT token or Game token will be able to use the (Burn) accumulated within both events. To redeem gifts, redeem gifts such as 3D masks and Speedkub shirts at Vending Plus vending machines. at the event as well

“In addition, interested parties can also purchase 4 types of NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens in the form of eggs, collecting them for a chance to hatch in July, or if you want to win more NFTs, you can also register to win special privileges in the future,” Mr. Wirach concludes. SABUY Technology Public Company Limited is ready to develop and become one of the leaders in developing financial technology with the most comprehensive and comprehensive ecosystem. It aims to pass on valuable products, services, and technology that can respond to exact needs to help improve the quality of life of the Thai people for sustainable improvement.