“SABUY” to buy 5 % in GHL, the leader of the payment system in ASEAN.

SABUY ทุ่มเงิน 462.67 ล้านบาท เข้าถือหุ้น 5% ลงทุนใน GHL

“SABUY” to buy 5 % in GHL, the leader of the payment system in ASEAN.

“SABUY” to buy 5 % in GHL, the leader of the payment system in ASEAN. Investing THB 462.67 mb to expand regional online payment business and SABUY Ecosystem

SABUY to invest THB 462.67 million in acquiring a 5% stake in “GHL Systems Berhad”, a leading online payment gateway service provider, through buying in the Malaysian stock market. It is expected to be completed by March 2023, hence, strengthen and expand SABUY Ecosystem business base to the ASEAN regional market.

Mr. Chookiat Rujanapornpaje Chief Executive Officer of SABUY Technology Public Company Limited or SABUY, revealed that the Board of Directors’ meeting has approved the investment in ordinary shares of not more than 57,074,992 shares or 5.00% in GHL Systems Berhad. (“GHL”) in Malaysia, whereby the Company will invest in GHL shares through market purchase in the Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange in the amount not exceeding 57,074,992.10 Malaysian Ringgit or equivalent to THB 462,667,008.46. The transaction is expected to be completed within March 2023.
GHL is a regional Online Payment Gateway service provider operating in 5 countries: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Australia. GHL’s Payment Gateway system can connect various payment channels in the region. GHL is also complied with requirements and standards from Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

In addition, GHL is also a leading Payment Gateway service provider in the ASEAN region with over 400,000 touch points, enabling SABUY to reach a wider range of customers, to benefit the plastic card business as well as the Wave (contactless) card and other businesses of the company in the future. This partnership can also expand SABUY’s various businesses such as, expanding the E-Commerce Platform in the ecosystem to GHL’s customer group, POS Scale Up, providing Buy Now Pay Later service that will increase purchasing power, linking the system Various Payments together, expanding Call Center service to cover GHL’s customers, including providing E-wallet services with a larger ecosystem.

SABUY is fully committed to continue expanding various businesses, in conjunction with the strategy of Sustainability Growth Strategy. The Company has strengthened in terms of personnel development, bringing technology and innovation into work systems, work process improvement, comprehensive risk management, good corporate governance and internal audit All of which will be very important and contribute to SABUY’s growth, stability and sustainability in the future, Mr. Chookiat concluded.