SABUY expands Payment Solution Service Network Partnering 3 Private Post Shops to launch Financial Services

SABUY expands Payment Solution Service Network Partnering 3 Private Post Shops to launch Financial Services

(Left to right : Mr.Chatri Srichaivanich Managing Director of Quick Service , Mr. Sathiranat Lapkaiwan, Chief Executive Officer of A.T.P. Friend Service Company Limited (Shipsmile) , Mr.Wirach Morakotkarn, Chief Executive Officer, SABUY Money Co., Ltd.,)

            SABUY Technology Plc. announces partnership with 3 leading private post shops; A.T.P. Friend Service Co., Ltd. (Shipsmile),  SHIPPOP Co., Ltd. and Quick Service Co., Ltd. (Quick Service) . Each Company plans to offer online payment service, financial transactions and other services within SABUY Ecosystem, covering every financial requirement of consumers.

            Mr.Wirach Morakotkarn, Chief Executive Officer, SABUY Money Co., Ltd., a company in SABUY group reveals that

            “ SABUY has online payment system and financial transaction services, handling various payment channels, within SABUY Ecosystem. This includes deposit, transfer, bill payment via SABUY’s products and channels such as Online Top-up machines, Vending Machines, Food Court systems and POS. By partnering with 3 leading Post Shop Networks, SABUY will expand our services to each branch of Shipsmile, SHIPPOP and Quick Service. These services, catered to digital-age consumers are

  1. Payment Service via QR Prompt Pay and E-Wallet Top-up such as True Money Wallet, Rabbit Line Pay, Shopee Pay and SABUY Money
  2. Banking agent Services such as deposit / withdrawal / transfer at each branch of these 3 networks 
  3. Mobile Top-up, Monthly bill payment/ Insurance payment/ Utility payment to authorized vendors

In addition, the shop owners can gain additional revenue from installing Vending Plus Vending Machines, Termsabuy Plus Top-up machine, Automatic Gasoline Dispenser, and other CRM & Loyalty Programs from SABUY Exchange. Each shop can create additional value and further enhance relationship with their customers.

Mr. Sathiranat Lapkaiwan, Chief Executive Officer of A.T.P. Friend Service Company Limited (Shipsmile), explained Shipsmile’s growth and described his next steps. Currently, the number of branches is about 2,800 all over the country, and the monthly parcel delivery volume reaches 4 million parcels per month. The new services from SABUY helps Shipsmile to expand the number of franchises rapidly. As the online market has exponentially grown, there is a positive impact which causes parcel delivery business to grow accordingly.

The growing demand is the main reason that a lot of new brands have emerged this year. Each brand will look for its strategy to attract customers to use their services; for example, they offer higher discounts or decreasing margins.

To help standout in this field, Shipsmile offers e-payment services to add a new value chain and create a new revenue stream for franchisees. These services not only provide additional income for Shipsmile’s franchisees, but also facilitate people in rural provinces to easily access financial services such as deposit, withdrawal and transferring money.

Those financial services will be launched in September this year, including a customer relationship management program (CRM). This CRM program supported by SABUY Exchange will be a solid strategy to enhance loyalty for end-users and bring the ecosystem between Shipsmile and SABUY’s partners together. The program will allow end-users to collect and burn points for available services throughout the group. This strategy will differentiate Shipsmile from other competitors and even compete with convenience store chains.

SHIPPOP Co., Ltd. has Post Service via both offline and online. Khun Suthikead Chantarachairoj, SHIPPOP Chief Executive Officer say that

“ SHIPPOP is an operator of SHIPPOP Shop. We are No. 1 in Online Parcel Delivery, connecting with other 25 transports, both domestically and nternationally. We have offices in both Thailand and Malaysia. Later, we expand to offline channels and has now more than 1,000 offline shops and 2,000 partnering shops within 1 year.  We also have goals to create revenue, career for people and support society. This is a great opportunity to receive additional services from SABUY and we look forwards to expand to other services.”

Mr.Chatri Srichaivanich Managing Director of Quick Service, a Franchise postal shop which has a variety of services has revealed to join as one of this alliance that  “Working with SABUY falls is in line with our original objectives which is to be a full service shop for the community on one end and offering new revenue opportunities from these services for our franchisees. Certainly, consumers will gain increased convenience as they have a one-stop location for all their needs. Especially so in this pandemic period, enabling them to conduct transactions closer to home and reduce unnecessary travel.

SABUY and all 3 partners will seek permission from the relevant government agencies to offer these financial transaction services.  Services should start within the 3rd quarter this year.

About SABUY Technology PCL.  “SABUY”

            Established in 2014, SABUY Technology PCL. (SABUY) is a Thai Technology Firm, providing Fintech Platform that caters to Thai Consumers’ requirements, under SABUY Ecosystem which supports wide range of users from community to mass consumers.  SABUY also welcomes Business Partners to join its Ecosystem which covers Top-up machine, Vending machine, Food Court System & POS  and CRM and Loyalty program. Its Ecosystem expands quicky to include e-wallet, International & Domestic Money Transfer and ‘Shipsmile’ Post & Service Shop Franchise. Latest, SABUY launches Food Supply chain business with goals to supports 50 million users or transactions/ month.

SABUY Technology PCL. (SABUY)   has a registered capital of 1,182.25 million baht and a paid-up capital of 1,026.50 million baht, with  1,026.50 million common shares at  1.00 baht par value per share.

A.T.P. Friend Service Co., Ltd. (Shipsmile)

Shipsmile Services brand is under A.T.P.Friend Service Company Limited. Shipsmile is a franchise company for express shops that offer collections of comprehensive delivery services. The services provided are including small parcels, bulking parcels, logistic parcels, same-day delivery, temperature-controlled delivery, and pharmacy delivery.  Moreover, franchisees have alternative revenue from added-value services such as fees from utility bill payments and insurance payment. By collaborating with our strategic partners who see opportunity in the nationwide franchisees, Shipsmile is continuously adding new ways to generate new revenue streams to franchisees. Currently, Shipsmile franchisees are located more than 2900 branches with  4 million parcels per month.


SHIPPOP is a Startup Business that generated profits within ths first year. We are an integrated parcel delivery system with both online and offline booking at more than 1,000 branches  nationwide.  We have online delivery system to support LAZADA, shopee, facebook live and Line OA. Customer can compare delivery rates with 25 providers and get the best rates. For Express 1-hour and 1-day delivery, air delivery, large item or international delivery, come to SHIPPOP.

About Quick Service

Quick Service is a pioneer in franchise-based stores offering express parcel shops as well as multiple convenience services for the community. We have been operating for 10 years with Thailand Post and were the first to collaborate with Kerry Express 2 years ago which included being a drop off point for Lazada and Shopee sellers. Aside for parcel shipments, we offer utility and bill payment, mobile phone top up, money transfer service, photocopying, auto insurance, loan applications and even assist in help customers to buy online. Quick Service is committed to increase services and offerings to serve communities around our 600 standardized shops nationwide. We plan to increase to 1000 shops within 2022.